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Expectant Heart Cuts Ribbon

Expectant Heart Pregnancy Resource Center

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Expectant Heart Pregnancy Resource Center, a faith-based non-profit organization located at 2440 South High Street in Longview, Texas, recently held their ribbon cutting. The event was officiated by Longview Chamber of Commerce and its Ambassadors.

Moreover, Expectant Heart Chief Executive Officer, Shannel Newton, explained their services to the audience. Newton explained how the center assists women facing unplanned pregnancies as soon as they walk through the door. Their services range from pregnancy tests, educational classes, career training, spiritual encouragement, counseling and much more.

HighRidge Church Longview has been a major and foremost supporter since the inception of Expectant Heart. In fact, the center was first located at the then Longview Christian Fellow library.

Expectant Heart Pregnancy Resource Center
L – R: Nick Bowen, Roberto Monsivais and Dr. Blake Williams attend Expectant Ribbon Cutting

Amber Payne of HighRidge Church serves as a liaison between the Church and Expectant Heart Pregnancy resource Center. She was accompanied to the ribbon cutting by her husband Will.

Ms. Carolyn Wilson is also an avid supporter of the organization, seeking out and securing resources where they are needed.

Furthermore, Murray Rabenhorst, an engineer and HighRidge Longview Outreach Pastor, also attended the event. “We support the right of the unborn, hence we support Expectant Heart,” said Rabenhorst. “We have been supporting Expectant Heart since day one.”

Feature Image: Expectant Heart CEO Shannel Newton cheers as ED Hannah Stevens cuts ribbon.

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