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Candace Calvo: Female Jeweler Joins Jim Bartlett Fine Jewelry

Candace Calvo

By Joycelyne Fadojutimi

Candace Calvo knows what hard work is. She grew up loading trucks and not looking so nice. That is the nature of warehouse jobs. One fateful day, she decided to go shopping in a jewelry store. “I have never had a diamond before,” said Ms. Calvo. “The jeweler asked me if I have ever thought of working in a jewelry store. I was 17 years old the time.”

When Ms. Calvo turned 18, she returned to the jewelry store. She looked so good and was immediately offered a job. She started in sales and moved up to management.

Furthermore, she attended Houston School of Jewelry where she learned jewelry fabrication and stone setting. From there, she started repairing jewelry. “It is what I love to do,” Calvo said. “And that is where my passion is and that is why I love what I do.”

Candace Calvo
Candace Calvo ioins team at Jim Bartlett Fine Jewelry

Calvo gets excited about her work because she learns news things every day. “It is like putting puzzles together, it keeps you sharp,” she  stated. “When it comes to combining family and heirloom pieces too, into something the family loves – I consider it an honor to do it for our customers.”

According to Calvo, she came to Jim Bartlett because he is the  best. “I enjoy sales, speaking with customers,” she said. “I love the metal work; it is very precise. I just love it all.”

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