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Star Power: Leading Ladies Awarded


Longview Regional Medical Center’s Women’s Advisory Council hosted its 20th Anniversary of Stars Over Longview. The annual awards ceremony and luncheon which honors 12 women in the community for their dedication and commitment to various community endeavors was a packed house with 800 plus attendees.

Longview’s own Brandon Maxwell, Speaker, American Fashion Designer, Television Personality, Director and Photographer keynoted the event. And he had the crowd roaring with laughter thanks to Libby Bryson’s questions. The conversation style on the stage with Ms. Bryson added a new flavor to the event. Maxwell was very forthcoming, a realist, credited people in his life who contributed in some fashion or another to his success.

Maxwell was not pretentious about his success. He narrated how he was last in his class mentioning Aliceson Howell, his counselor at the time. “Aliceson held my hand and said,” ‘You are going to college,’ Maxwell told his audience. His career’s journey started from St. Edwards University in Austin to New York and around the globe. It is important to note, Maxwell finished college on the Dean’s list. According to Maxwell, he has worked incessantly for 10 years straight and it eventually paid off for this young 35-year-old who was the least likely to succeed to this magnitude.

Despite his success, Maxwell is a pragmatist who ardently believes in education and very hard work. “I am driven to making people look their best,” he said. And some of his clients include First Lady Michelle Obama, media mogul Oprah Winfrey, Megan Markle, Jane Fonda, Blake Lively, Queen Rania of Jordan and Tiffany Haddish.

A few take-aways from his conversation with Bryson are as follows:

· He helps people take their futures into their own hands

· He works with young people who did not go to the best schools

· He loves the women in his life equally-no -one is better than the other

· Longview is the best place in the world

· Social media is like a reality television show

· Hard work really matters

· Be yourself. Don’t be a fake

· Giving back is always fashionable

· Be careful, there are people watching you on social media

His advice to young people is on point, “Turn off your social media, hard work really matters,” he said. “There is this idea that getting a lot of like is success. Not true. Hard work is what brings success.”

The 2020 Stars over Longview:

Mica Sterling with CEO Robertson
Mary Greenwaldt with CEO Robertson
Amber Hobbs with CEO Robertson
Carolyn Northcutt
Suma Jayakar
Breneda Mathis
Melanie Northcutt-Crocker
Karen Partee
Erik Rader with CEO Robertson
Kelly Overby with CEO Robertson
Caryn Pepper with CEO Robertson
Gay Kirkland with CEO Robertson
Jennifer Teague Jackson with CEO Robertson
Mary Lou Stuckey with CEO Robertson
Chandalyn Lewis Jenkins with CEO Robertson
Dr. Darla Baggett with CEO Robertson
Dr. Melissa Sutton with CEO Robertson