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Delcine Johnson: Magnanimous Star over Longview

Delcine Johnson, president of Johnson and Pace Inc. is July 2019 Star over Longview

Delcine Johnson: Magnanimous Star over Longview

 by Joycelyne Fadojutimi/iplusmag.com

Delcine Johnson and husband Wade got married 26 years ago, and it has been a busy marriage. They have six children and a daughter-in-law. Delcine’s parents made careers out of the Army, so their children grew up in quite a few places here and overseas. Like most successful people, Delcine’s parents were major, positive influences on her life.

“My mother was very independent and raised me to be the same way. She made every stopping place a home–not just a house,” Delcine says. “We were immediately involved in our community as a result of our mother’s actions.”

Her family made Tyler their home hence, Delcine graduated from the University of Texas at Tyler. Her and Wade’s next step was to start Johnson and Pace, Inc. 25 years ago.

“I am president of our firm at this time, and handle the daily activities of our business,” she says. “I take care of the financial end of our business daily.”

Johnson and Pace is an engineering, architectural and surveying business. Delcine and Wade love their work, considering it a blessing to earn a living with employees they look upon as family members. It generally goes beyond nine to five, but the fulfillment they savor from being such a crucial cog in the community’s growth makes the workday seem shorter. Delcine’s love of community service shows.

For years, she has worked with the American Heart Association, and currently is on the local Boys and Girls Club board of directors. She works closely with the Great Texas Balloon Race, assists with the city’s annual Independence Day fireworks display, with the yearly Buckner shoot, school athletic boosters and PTA. She recently began working as a mentor at Ware Elementary School.

“I am normally available when a call comes in to meet a need. We will be there,” she says. “I also promote community involvement and volunteering at our firm and am thrilled to see our people doing so much.”

She considers selfless volunteering as a vital responsibility to demonstrate to others so, they will pick up on this good example.

“I told my daughter once, that you are not allowed to complain about your community if you haven’t taken the time to give back and make an impact,” she says.

Delcine Johnson practices what she preaches in a most beautiful way. It is no wonder she is a 2019 Star over Longview. Congratulations and thanks for all you do.


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