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Living the American Dream…in a home


By Joycelyne Fadojutimi

        Kenneth Travis and his employees at Longview’s Travis Mortgage are building careers out of making possible the dream of home ownership for East Texas home buyers. They are passionate about serving local communities in this manner, and fully understand the implications of buying a new home. Over the last three months they have made 150 American Dreams come true.

                Travis Mortgage recently teamed up with the Longview Chamber of Commerce for a ribbon cutting to celebrate this rite of passage for American families. The sun was bright and high, but not oppressive as the smoke-wreathed chef prepared a sumptuous fare for the eager crowd. The musician made sure his gentle selections were good for the digestion. It was a savory meal washed down by free soft drinks.

                America has a long tradition of looking upon home ownership as a mark of success and achievement. Americans love to own their own land even if it is a small parcel. Possessing a chunk of their country is very fulfilling.

                Many home shoppers go through banks rather than mortgage companies since, for many, banks seem a more familiar and hence trusted institution. Bankers already are familiar with their customers and their financial situations, so procedures through banks are already a familiar and convenient process. Still, Travis and his company serve a great many East Texans in this capacity. Travis uses a novel philosophy of not looking at banks and other mortgage companies as competitors. He believes that some home buyers would be better off going through a bank while others are better off using him. He thus looks at banks as colleagues rather than competition, so in some cases he sends home shoppers to local banks. Sometimes they send customers to him.

                “I love my banker friends and have established some strong relationships. I have no problem sending a client over to local banks if I know they-the clients are going to get the better deal,” said Travis.

                Travis presents his customers with a variety of options:

                * Commercial loans, which are not guaranteed or insured by the federal government.

                * FHA loans, which are a type of federal assistance. They have historically allowed lower income Americans to borrow money for the purchase of a home that they otherwise would not  be able to afford.

                * USDA loans, which are also known as the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan Program. These are mortgage loans offered to rural property owners by the United States.

                * VA loans, which are established by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to assist veterans and their families in achieving home ownership.

                * Rehabilitation loans. Also known as Texas FHA 203K used to update and/or fix up homes for purchase. This loan provides for needed repairs to make older homes more energy  efficient.

      “We will have the lowest interest rates 99.9% of the time than any local banks in the secondary market,” said Travis. “However our fees might be a little higher roughly by $1500.”  Travis explains these fees: “If a bank offers a 4%, and I offer a 3.75% interest rate the monthly payment difference is between $20 and $25. Now, if the client lives in the home for the average seven years, within the first three years that $1500 in fees is paid and everything else is moving forward,” he said. “By having the lower interest rate at the end of the seven years the client will have saved approximately two to three thousand dollars. I’m not just about closing a deal, but doing what is best for my clients.”

                Travis is one of the country’s most respected real estate advisors. As with E.F. Hutton, people listen to him as he consults and serves customers whether they are professionals or first-time home buyers. He has won over a large clientele of families, real estate agents, financial planners and bankers, earning their patronage via his marketing advice and profitable support of their own businesses.

                His well-earned success has been achieved by his integrity, love of his customers and realizing he can never learn everything about his profession. He remains a student of his calling. His product knowledge enables clients to make the best decisions in buying a home, which typically is the biggest financial transaction they will make during their whole lives. Apart from earning a living, Travis lives to help others make the dream of home ownership come true. He started out in his calling of serving others in 1994 with an eight-year stint in the U.S. Marine Corps. The Marines taught him the value of honor and commitment, and he constantly stands behind these attributes in serving his customers.

                By attending numerous local and national mortgage and real estate training seminars he makes sure his body of knowledge keeps expanding. He uses his position in a local marketing and consulting group to share this profit-making know-how with up-and-coming loan officers and realtors from throughout the country. He goes yet further by offering credits to realtors for continuing the vocational education needed to earn their real estate licenses.

For more information on Travis Mortgage, please visit their website at www.kennethtravis.com or on Facebook Kenneth Travis. Travis Mortgage is located at 4121 Gilmer Rd, Suite 200 Longview, Texas 75604